About Darcie Brown Pronouns she/her

I am a Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC) with the British Columbia Association of Clinical Counsellors (BCACC) and received an MA in Counselling Psychology from Trinity Western University. Prior to completing my masters, I co-owned a commercial and portrait photography studio and also had a career as a classical pianist.

My clinical expertise focuses on anxiety, depression, trauma, attachment, neurodiversity, life transitions, abuse, and relationship issues. I have provided psychological services in a non-profit setting as a Stopping the Violence (abuse) counsellor, as well as in private practice. 

I enjoy working with people of all ages and backgrounds and draw on a variety of interventions designed to help people be curious about their problems and explore new ways to approach interpersonal challenges. I am Certified in Lifespan Integration therapy and also have EMDR training. 

To help clients heal from trauma, I primarily use Lifespan Integration (LI). LI is a gentle, body-based therapeutic method that uses repetitions of a timeline of memories to help with neural integration. By having an overall view of their lives, clients’ own body-minds begin to heal themselves with insights and understanding of lifelong patterns of trauma and neglect. After doing LI, my clients often find they feel more regulated and less emotionally reactive to stressors. They are more self-accepting and better able to enjoy their close relationships. 

I am a creative, lifelong learner and enjoy reading, playing piano, and dabbling in fiber arts in my spare time. I also enjoy being physically active by going for hikes and spending time outdoors (all of the photographs on this website are from my journeys) and I have studied dance and martial arts in the past. 

Reaching New Heights

A vertex is a high point or summit. As the founder of Vertex Counselling, I am dedicated to helping you reach new heights and flourish.